The aim of water and Sanitation Hygiene is to improve access to safe clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene practices in South Sudan. The majority of communities living in the parts of the country have no access to safe drinking water. The few available boreholes do not function or either located in far distant areas. In addition, the communities have no proper sanitation, which leads to the increased cases of water borne diseases and respiratory complications as a result of contaminated water sources. This WASH programme aims to adopt an integrated approach in that, it will address the issues of safe clean drinking water, sanitation as well as hygiene and behavioral change in the community.



  1. Water: – Boreholes repair, BH rehabilitation, water management committee training, house hold water treatment, distribution of WASH Proposition or WASH Supplies. Water treatment plan, Boreholes drilling through companies.
  2. Sanitation: – Construction of institution latrines, public latrine, provision of hand washing facility, sanitation campaign and Encourage latrine construction in house-holds through Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS).
  3. Hygiene promotion: – Menstrual hygiene, Health campaigns, developing IEC material and awareness, Developing Hygiene promotion messages, working with communities, schools etc.