The peace-Building and Conflict Mitigation attempts to promote peaceful co-existence among the communities of South Sudan. The main goal of peace building and conflict mitigation is to promote culture of nonviolence and peace in South Sudan among adolescents and young people. Without peace it is impossible to implement any well-designed programmes such as the ones developed by IDRA. This component focuses on bringing total peace to South Sudan, through performing drama, writing journals, songs and traditional dances. The project specifically targets the adolescents and the youths who are believed to have the energy to hunt war and could use the same energy to bring about peace


  1. Conduct technical peace building & conflict management trainings.
  2. Host citizen’s’ Engagement Platform for Peace and Reconciliation
  3. citizens engagement Establish women led-peace committees
  4. Establish & manage peace networks and clubs in schools
  5. Conduct public lecture on peace and reconciliations
  6. Conduct public information campaign on peace & reconciliation
  7. Conduct street performance drama on peace & reconciliation