This is done through, Behavioural Change Communication (BCC), Training of youth on the HIVawareness and sensitization, guidance and counselling, distribution of Information Education and Communication materials, HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing and community outreaches, awareness & advocacy on reproductive health & rights as well as the importance of child spacing. Referral for infected/affected people with HIV/AIDs

The aim of this programmes is to lobby for a financial support from any other Developing partner to strengthen the institutional capacity to tackle issues to HIV/AIDs and promote Sexual and Reproductive Health as well as to implement effective Programmes for Prevention and Management of HIV and STIs.



  1. Community HIV testing and Counseling, Tracing of HIV testing defaulters
  2. Referral for infected/affected people with HIV/AIDs, Training of youth on the HIV awareness and Post Test Club (PTC) meetings and education sessions.
  3. Sensitization of the communities on the health programmes